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Audit Campus was founded in 2005 to address the need for more comprehensive and focused training of Education Training and Development Practitioners.

Mr DJ Reinecke started it shortly after he did short-term expert work for the MAPPP-SETA and realised the skills and knowledge gap that existed in qualified ETD practitioners. After some research the reason for this gap became apparent; a great many training providers are more focused on making money than providing learners with a quality education, this results in the training providers offering courses that are of too short duration and in which the facilitators do not have true expertise. This coupled with the providers not being well informed about the SETA administrative systems leads to learners not achieving the outcomes and a long time for the learners to receive their statements of result.

Because the SAQA system cannot function without qualified ETD practitioners, the decision to form Audit Campus was taken. Our courses are longer, cover more detail and result in quicker certification; in some cases the learners receive their SOR’s the week after the training! Learners compile their portfolio of evidence (POE) during the week of their training which decreases the administrative burden on both the learner and the organisation as they do not have to be given time off to complete their POE.  Since its inception, Audit Campus has trained and certified over 2000 learners from a variety of government departments, state institutions and private businesses.

In recent years, Audit Campus has also expanded into providing learning management systems. These learning management systems reduce the administrative burden of conducting training. It is a fully featured platform that includes learner tracking, assessment and feedback. The platform is ideal for providing distance-based learning.

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Verification visit

by Diederick Reinecke -

We are having our next verification visit on the 24th of March, please make sure that you have submitted all outstanding work on your portfolios before that time.